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When the Real Estate Data charts are technically analyzed the market trends become clear. Inevitably there will be a high middle and low pricing spectrum in a Trading Range (Trading Range is the pricing spectrum the property prices sell in for a period of time, top of market is green and bottom is in red)

Once a Trading Range is completed the prices escalate to a certain level and then the process of filling out the Trading Range is repeated.


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The RSI shows the strength of the pricing trends, this indicator is one of the leading indicators when a market changes in direction. The RSI picks up strength before the prices escalate and loses traction before the market correction takes place.

2007 - Forecast.png


The outcome of this study is to show where and when total sales converges in an upward direction against the total inventory, the market prices increase. Alternatively when the total sales crosses in a downward direction against the total inventory the market prices decrease. Fairly obvious sentiment that supply vs demand is a real factor in any market place but here is continual living proof.


The Bollinger bands are created to show where the markets room for growth or decline is based on moving averages over the course of time. When the market price meets with either the high or low of the Bollinger bands the market reacts. The Bollinger band study is another great way to show the market is near or at its zenith in pricing. Alternatively when the market is at its lows and one can look for the market to pick up in activity and prices.


When the LONG term moving average converges upwards and through the short term moving average, this signals a Death Cross. The result is a negative slide in the pricing spectrum. Alternatively when the SHORT term moving average converges upwards and through the long term moving average, this signals a Golden Cross the market prices increase.

Eitel Insights keeps you in Golden Crosses and away from the Death Cross.


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