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Offering Unique Analytics - Providing Actionable Intelligence

Eitel Insights offers high level analyses for investment purposes. Our flagship studies reveal opportunities in any Real Estate Market. We take raw data, complete our studies and offer Actionable Intelligence. Eitel Insights is the first in Canada to be published employing Technical Analytics to produce forecasts. We called the top of the market in 2016. The past couple years have proven our forecast correct. Eitel Insights can accurately give a forecast for any Real Estate Market World Wide.

All data that is released by various Real Estate Boards comes through as either raw data or a raw chart. Eitel Insights believes that adding studies along with indicators enables investors, lenders, and developers to navigate their way to success and find opportunity in what is perceived as chaos.

Every business goes through business cycles, knowing when the top has taken place, is highly valuable, alternatively knowing when the market has bottomed has tremendous value. Once an area has hits its technical bottom, what follows is a rally back to the most recent top. Picking up inventory with little to no competition and having Insights that the market has corrected and is now primed for growth enables our clients to have a monumental advantage.  

View our analytics page to see examples of the types of studies and indicators we offer. Please contact us directly for an analytics report quote or media requests.